Deep Groove Ball Bearings

Single-Row Deep Groove Ball Bearings

Deep groove ball bearings are one of the most common type of rolling bearings. The basic deep groove ball bearing consists of an outer ring, an inner ring, a set of steel balls and a set of cages.Deep groove ball bearing has a wide range of sizes and with simple structure, standardized machining process, reliability, durability and high-cost performance. Deep groove ball bearings can bear axial load in both radial and light axial directions and are easy to install at low maintenance costs.They have low friction torque and are optimized for low vibration and low noise, which are suitable for high-speed operation.
Applications: electric motors and generators, agriculture, material transportation, industrial gearboxes, food and beverage, industrial pumps, industrial fans, vehicles, etc.

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This is the typical deep groove ball bearing that has a single raceway. These are usually robust and made from durable materials, ensuring that these bearings have an extended service life.

Single-row deep groove ball bearings are also subdivided into other types, ranging from 3 mm to 400 mm bore sizes, suitable for almost any application. Depending on clients ‘ needs, some manufacturers will also offer thin, narrow, wide, or miniature bearings.

Since deep groove ball bearings need to withstand extreme conditions, manufacturers also offer ceramic-coated approaches to handle electric pitting and high-temperature units that can withstand up to 660 degrees F.

One of the latest developments in single-row deep groove ball bearings is the sensor-bearing unit, which can measure the status of the ball-bearing components. These units are simple and easy to use and can help with speed sensing, angular position measuring, and steering, making them useful in electric motors, tractors, conveyors, and road rollers.

Features of Single Row Deep Groove Ball Bearings

– Excellent for high speeds

– Good radial load capacity

– Acceptable axial load capacity in both directions

– Have low torque capacity at startup and running speeds

– Can operate with low noise

– Require little maintenance

Applications of Single row deep groove ball bearings

Single Deep groove ball bearings come in many sizes, materials, and varieties according to consumer needs, including particular industrial uses such as high-temperature applications.

There are various designs and applications for single row deep groove ball bearings, and their design is specific to their industrial application and load type.

Single row deep groove ball bearings are commonly used in electric motors and household appliances, car motors, office machinery, automation control, and garden and household tools. They have deep raceway grooves, and their race dimensions are close to the sizes of the balls that run inside.

Single row deep groove ball bearings are mainly used in the following industries:

– Agricultural

– Food Processing

– Machine Tool

– Material Handling

– Medical / Pharmaceutical

– Printing

– Railway and Transportation

– Wind Energy