Product Description

     Deep groove ball bearing

Product Description

   Deep groove ball bearing consists of an outer ring, an inner ring, a group of steel balls and a group of cages. There are 2 types of deep groove ball bearings: single row and double row. Deep groove ball structure is also divided into seal and open structure. The open type means that the bearing has no sealing structure. The sealed deep groove ball is divided into dust-proof seal and oil-proof seal. 

<<Material>> The bearing is made of high-quality bearing steel, good durability, and resistance to heavy loads.
<<Features>> high level of hardness , Dimensional sablility,normal accuracy, less friction, higher speed  and low noise
<<Strictly Shielded>> Shields on both sides of the bearing help to keep dust out.


Basic Info.

          Trade Mark     Allout or DEM

Product Name

6300 series ZZ RS Deep Groove Ball Bearing 


   10X35X11mm;  12X37X12mm; 15X42X13mm;   20X52X15mm;   25X62X17mm; 


Stainless Steel ,Chrome Steel 


P0 P5 P6

Vibration  level   V4,V3,V2,V1

Sealing shiled 

opening ball bearing ,unopening ball bearing ,Z, ZZ ,RS,2RS,2RZ

Delivery date

Normally ready goods and stock within 3-15 days

Payment terms

A:100% TT
B: 30% T/T in advance .70% balance payment before shipment
C:Western union


Auto machinery , electric machinery  ,precision machinery ,home appliances ,customization options with drawings 


standered package or Industrial package or customzied package


Miniature Bearing
1, Robust seals for longer service life 
2, Maufacturing percison to meet high-standered requirements 
3, Widely used bearing type of machinery 

Special properties

1. High speed and High temperature rsistance 
2. Low noise
3. Low weight
4. Can be customized according to your  specific  needs or drawings 
5. Can provide small & miniature standard and non-standard ball bearings.
6.Factory wholesale with the best price

Product parameter


Bearing No.  I. D O. D W Loading Rating(KN) Steel Ball Parameter Max Speed
D D B Dynamic Static No.  Size Grease Oil
mm Inch mm Inch mm Inch Cr Cor mm R/min R/min
6300 10 0.3937 35 1.378 11 0.4331 8.2 3.5 6 7.144 23000 27000
6301 12 0.4724 37 1.4567 12 0.4724 9.7 4.2 6 7.938 20000 24000
6302 15 0.5906 42 1.6535 13 0.5118 11.4 5.45 7 7.938 17000 21000
6303 17 0.6693 47 1.8504 14 0.5512 13.5 6.55 7 8.731 16000 19000
6304 20 0.7874 52 2.571 15 0.5906 15.9 7.9 7 9.525 14000 27000
6305 25 0.9843 62 2.4409 17 0.6693 21.2 10.9 7 11.5 12000 14000
6306 30 1.1811 72 2.8346 19 0.748 26.7 15 8 12 10000 12000
6307 35 1.378 80 3.1496 21 0.8268 33.5 19.1 8 13.494 8800 10000
6308 40 1.5748 90 3.5433 23 0.9055 40.5 24 8 15.081 7800 9200
6309 45 1.7717 100 3.937 25 0.9843 53 32 8 17.462 7000 8200
6310 50 1.9685 110 4.3307 27 1.063 62 38.5 8 19.05 6400 7500
6311 55 2.1654 120 4.7244 29 1.1417 71.5 45 8 20.638 5800 6800
6312 60 2.3622 130 5.1181 31 1.2205 82 52 8 22.225 5400 6300
6313 65 2.5591 140 5.5118 33 1.2992 92.5 60 8 24 4900 5800
6314 70 2.7559 150 5.9055 35 1.378 104 68 8 25.4 4600 5400
6315 75 2.9528 160 6.2992 37 1.4567 113 77 8 26.988 4300 5000
6316 80 3.1496 170 6.6929 39 1.5354 123 86.5 8 28.575 4000  


HangZhou Abico Bearing Co., Ltd Was Founded in 2018 and Integrates R&D, Manufacturing, Trading, Sales of Bearings, Rollers, Pulleys.

We have passed the ISO 9001: 2008, ISO 14001: 2004, CE, SGS with a factory Over 13, 000 Square Meters. We Are Specialized in Deep Groove Ball Bearings, Special Bearings.

We provide wide range of safety products such as class 0 deep groove ball bearings, stainless steel bearings, non-standard customized bearings and British R series. The main products cover 60,62, 63, 67, 68, 69 series, the annual output of more than 60 million sets of bearings. Products are widely used in household appliances, micro motors, power tools, motorcycles, automobiles, medical equipment, sports machinery and agricultural machinery and many other fields.We also accept the processing with customers’ drawings and samples.

Our products have been sold well in Europe, South America, Africa and Southeast Asia.On the basis of sincere-cooperation, equality and mutual benefit.We would like to establish long-term business relationship with customers all over the world.Good quality, competitive price, and satisfying service are our promises as a reliable trading partner.


Why Choose Us ?
1. Dry lube/ Grease/ Oil Related Products
2. Rubber seals/ ZZ metal shields
3. Customized option is available with your drawings 
4. High speed 
5. Long spin time
6. Low friction
7. Rustproof and corrosion resistance
8. Good wear stability 
9. Easy to maintance Related Products


Q1: Are you a Manufacturer or trading company?
Answer: We are professional manufactuer of bearings since 1998 with ISO standards.


Q2: Can I get a sample to check out the quality?
Answer: Sure, free samples are available for stock products if you can pay for the shipping cost.

Q3: Do you accept small orders?

Answer:Standard size bearings are available ,but for non-Standard size bearings ,we have MOQ for your option.


Q4: Can you do OEM to print my logo/brand on the products?
Answer: Yes, we can print your logo/brand on the products, you just need to send us your logo/brand files, we will show you how it looks like.We can also make custom package to your request.


Q5: How soon can I expect my order to be finished?
Answer: We have regular stock for standard bearings that can be shipped right after your payment. It will take 15-60 days for new production order,which depends on your order quantity.


Q6: What if I receive defective products for my order?
Answer: All our bearings are 100% inspected strictly before packing. If any defective products received, please provide photos and video to show us the problem and help us improve the quality. New products will be sent to you as replacement if the probelm is product quality.

Q7.How to contact us if you have any questions?
Answer: Please feel free to send us an inquiry or any specific contact information, such as email address, account or account, we are looking forward to keeping you dated.

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Virbration and Noise: Z2 Z3 Z4
Lubricant: Multemp SRL, Sbm
Aligning: Non-Aligning Bearing
US$ 0.19/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)


Order Sample



Customized Request

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Shipping Cost:

Estimated freight per unit.

about shipping cost and estimated delivery time.
Payment Method:


Initial Payment

Full Payment
Currency: US$
Return&refunds: You can apply for a refund up to 30 days after receipt of the products.

deep groove ball bearing

Are there specific maintenance practices that can extend the life of deep groove ball bearings?

Proper maintenance practices are essential for maximizing the lifespan and performance of deep groove ball bearings. By following specific maintenance procedures, it is possible to extend the life of these bearings and ensure their smooth operation. Here’s a detailed explanation of specific maintenance practices that can help extend the life of deep groove ball bearings:

  • Regular Lubrication:
  • Proper lubrication is vital for reducing friction and preventing premature wear in deep groove ball bearings. Regularly lubricating the bearings with the appropriate lubricant helps maintain a protective film between the rolling elements and raceways, reducing friction and minimizing the risk of metal-to-metal contact. Lubrication intervals should be based on the manufacturer’s recommendations and operating conditions.

  • Correct Lubricant Selection:
  • Choosing the right lubricant is crucial for the optimal performance and longevity of deep groove ball bearings. Factors such as operating temperature, speed, load, and environmental conditions should be considered when selecting a lubricant. Consulting the bearing manufacturer’s recommendations or seeking expert advice can help ensure the correct lubricant is chosen for the specific application.

  • Proper Installation:
  • Correct installation techniques are essential to prevent damage to deep groove ball bearings. This includes ensuring proper alignment, applying appropriate mounting force, and using suitable tools and methods during installation. Improper installation can lead to misalignment, increased stress on the bearings, and premature failure. Following the manufacturer’s installation instructions or seeking professional assistance is recommended.

  • Regular Inspections:
  • Regular inspections allow for the early detection of any potential issues with deep groove ball bearings. Inspections can involve checking for signs of wear, damage, or contamination, as well as assessing the condition of seals or shields. Inspecting bearings at predetermined intervals and addressing any identified issues promptly can help prevent further damage and extend the bearing’s service life.

  • Effective Sealing:
  • Properly functioning seals or shields help protect deep groove ball bearings from contamination, moisture, and other harmful substances. Regularly inspecting and maintaining the seals or shields ensures their effectiveness in preventing the ingress of contaminants and preserving the lubricant’s integrity. If seals or shields are damaged or worn, they should be replaced promptly.

  • Appropriate Handling and Storage:
  • Proper handling and storage practices are crucial to prevent damage to deep groove ball bearings before installation. Bearings should be handled with clean hands or suitable gloves to avoid introducing contaminants. They should be stored in a clean, dry, and vibration-free environment, ideally in their original packaging or protective covers, until they are ready for use.

  • Monitoring Operating Conditions:
  • Regularly monitoring the operating conditions of machinery or equipment can help identify potential issues that may affect the performance of deep groove ball bearings. Factors such as load variations, temperature fluctuations, excessive vibration, or abnormal noise should be monitored and addressed promptly. Taking corrective actions to optimize operating conditions can help prolong the life of the bearings.

By implementing these specific maintenance practices, it is possible to extend the life of deep groove ball bearings and ensure their reliable and efficient operation. Following manufacturer recommendations, consulting with experts, and adhering to proper maintenance procedures are key to achieving optimal performance and longevity of deep groove ball bearings.

deep groove ball bearing

What are the common applications and industries where deep groove ball bearings are widely used?

Deep groove ball bearings are versatile components that find extensive use in various applications and industries. Here’s a detailed explanation of the common applications and industries where deep groove ball bearings are widely used:

  • Automotive Industry:
  • Deep groove ball bearings are extensively used in the automotive industry for applications such as wheel hubs, transmissions, engines, electric motors, and steering systems. They provide reliable performance, low friction, and high-speed capabilities, making them suitable for a wide range of automotive components.

  • Industrial Machinery:
  • Deep groove ball bearings are widely employed in industrial machinery, including pumps, compressors, fans, conveyors, and machine tools. Their ability to accommodate radial and axial loads, high rotational speeds, and their durability make them ideal for various motion and power transmission applications.

  • Electrical Motors and Generators:
  • Deep groove ball bearings are commonly used in electric motors and generators. They facilitate smooth operation, reduce friction losses, and support high-speed rotation. These bearings are found in a wide range of motor-driven equipment, such as household appliances, HVAC systems, power tools, and electric vehicles.

  • Agricultural Machinery:
  • Deep groove ball bearings are utilized in agricultural machinery and equipment, including tractors, harvesters, irrigation systems, and farm implements. They provide reliable performance in demanding and harsh environments, helping to support the agricultural industry’s productivity and efficiency.

  • Construction and Mining Equipment:
  • Deep groove ball bearings are used in construction and mining equipment, such as excavators, loaders, bulldozers, and crushers. These bearings withstand heavy loads, shock, and vibration, contributing to the reliable operation of machinery in challenging construction and mining environments.

  • Material Handling Equipment:
  • Deep groove ball bearings play a vital role in material handling equipment, including forklifts, conveyors, cranes, and hoists. They enable smooth and efficient movement of goods, handling heavy loads, and operating in diverse conditions encountered in warehouses, distribution centers, and manufacturing facilities.

  • Medical and Dental Equipment:
  • Deep groove ball bearings are utilized in various medical and dental equipment, including surgical instruments, dental handpieces, imaging systems, and laboratory devices. They offer precision, smooth operation, and low noise, meeting the stringent requirements of the healthcare industry.

  • Home Appliances:
  • Deep groove ball bearings are found in a wide range of home appliances, such as washing machines, refrigerators, air conditioners, vacuum cleaners, and kitchen appliances. They provide reliable and quiet operation, contributing to the performance and durability of these everyday household products.

  • Sports and Fitness Equipment:
  • Deep groove ball bearings are used in sports and fitness equipment, including bicycles, skateboards, fitness machines, and gym equipment. They enable smooth and efficient rotation, reducing friction and enhancing the performance of sporting and fitness activities.

In summary, deep groove ball bearings are widely used in applications and industries such as automotive, industrial machinery, electrical motors and generators, agricultural machinery, construction and mining equipment, material handling equipment, medical and dental equipment, home appliances, and sports and fitness equipment. Their versatility, reliability, and ability to withstand various operating conditions make them indispensable components in numerous sectors.

deep groove ball bearing

What considerations are important when selecting the appropriate size and material for a deep groove ball bearing?

When selecting the appropriate size and material for a deep groove ball bearing, several important considerations should be taken into account. These considerations ensure that the bearing is properly matched to the application requirements, leading to optimal performance and longevity. Here’s a detailed explanation of the key considerations when selecting the size and material for a deep groove ball bearing:

  • Load Requirements:
  • The anticipated load conditions, both radial and axial, are a critical factor in determining the appropriate size and material for a deep groove ball bearing. The bearing must be able to support the expected loads without excessive deformation or premature failure. The load capacity and fatigue life characteristics of the bearing should be carefully evaluated to ensure it can withstand the applied loads throughout its intended service life.

  • Speed and Operating Conditions:
  • The rotational speed and operating conditions of the application play a significant role in bearing selection. High-speed applications require bearings that can withstand the centrifugal forces and maintain stability, while heavy-duty or harsh operating conditions may necessitate materials with superior corrosion resistance or high-temperature capability. The bearing’s maximum allowable speed, temperature range, and environmental factors should be considered to ensure reliable and long-lasting performance.

  • Accuracy and Tolerance:
  • The required level of accuracy and tolerance in the application should be considered when selecting a deep groove ball bearing. Precision applications, such as machine tools or instrumentation, often demand bearings with tighter tolerances and higher levels of accuracy to achieve the desired performance. Assessing the required dimensional accuracy, running accuracy, and clearance requirements enables the selection of a bearing that meets the specific application’s precision needs.

  • Lubrication and Maintenance:
  • The lubrication and maintenance requirements influence the choice of bearing material. Factors such as operating temperature, speed, and contamination levels impact the selection of an appropriate lubricant and bearing material combination. High-temperature or high-speed applications may require materials with enhanced heat dissipation or lubrication capabilities, while environments with contaminants or moisture may necessitate corrosion-resistant materials or protective seals. Considering the lubrication and maintenance demands ensures the bearing can operate reliably under the specified conditions.

  • Space Constraints and Design:
  • The available space and design constraints within the application are crucial considerations when selecting the size of a deep groove ball bearing. The bearing dimensions, including outer diameter, inner diameter, and width, must be compatible with the available space and mating components. It is important to consider the bearing’s installation method, whether it requires a press fit, clearance fit, or other mounting arrangements, to ensure proper assembly and alignment within the application.

  • Cost and Availability:
  • Cost-effectiveness and availability are practical considerations in bearing selection. Evaluating the cost of the bearing in relation to its expected performance, service life, and maintenance requirements helps determine the best value for the application. Additionally, considering the availability and lead times of the selected bearing type and size ensures timely procurement and minimizes potential production delays or downtime.

By carefully considering these factors – load requirements, speed and operating conditions, accuracy and tolerance, lubrication and maintenance, space constraints and design, and cost and availability – when selecting the size and material for a deep groove ball bearing, it is possible to choose a bearing that is well-suited to the specific application’s needs. This ultimately leads to optimized performance, durability, and reliability of the bearing within the intended application.

China Professional 6300 Series Zz /2RS Deep Groove Ball Bearing for Motorcycle /Engine Bearings/Car Accessories   with high qualityChina Professional 6300 Series Zz /2RS Deep Groove Ball Bearing for Motorcycle /Engine Bearings/Car Accessories   with high quality
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