Product Description

Product Description

6800 series deep groove ball bearings


Bearing NO (mm)Boundary Dimensions (Kn) (Kn) (r/min)
Limit Rotational Speed
d D B Dynamic Load Rating
Static Load Rating
Grease Lubrication Oil Lubrication
6800 10 19 5 1.72 0.84 34000 40000 0.0053
6801 12 21 5 1.92 1.04 32000 38000 0.0068
6802 15 24 5 2.07 1.26 28000 34000 0.0075
6803 17 26 5 2.63 1.57 26000 30000 0.0083
6804 20 32 7 4.0 2.47 22000 26000 0.02
6805 25 37 7 4.5 3.15 18000 22000 0.571
6806 30 42 7 4.7 3.65 15000 18000 0.026
6807 35 47 7 4.9 4.1 14000 16000 0.571
6808 40 52 7 6.35 5.5 12000 14000 0.033
6809 45 58 7 6.6 6.15 11000 13000 0.041
6810 50 65 7 6.4 6.2 9500 11000 0.054
6811 55 72 9 8.8 8.5 8500 10000 0.081
6812 60 78 10 11.5 10.9 8000 9500 0.101
6813 65 85 10 11.9 12.1 7500 8500 0.12
6814 70 90 10 12.1 12.7 6700 8000 0.13
6815 75 95 10 12.5 13.9 6300 7500 0.14
6816 80 100 13 12.7 14.5 6000 7100 0.15
6817 85 110 13 18.7 20 5600 6700 0.27
6818 90 115 13 19.0 21 5300 6300 0.28
6819 95 120 13 19.3 22 5000 6000 0.29
6820 100 125 13 19.6 23 4800 5600 0.31
Note:Above-mentioned products include its modification series,such as Z,2Z,RS,and 2RS etc.


Detailed Photos


Black chamfer with rubber seal

Black chamfer with white dust cover

open UG

white chamfer with yellow dust cover

ceramic ball bearing

Some tips on use
Rolling bearing is a precise part. Therefore it should be used carefully. No matter how high performance the bearing has, it can be obtained by improper use, the followings are the points for attention to use bearings.
(1) Keep clean the bearing and its surrounding areas
It is harmful to the bearing even by tiny dust which can not be seen by human eyes. Therefore it should always keep clean the surrounding environments in order to prevent the bearing from dust corrosion.
(2) Use bearing carefully
Scar and indentation can essily be produced out of strong impact to the bearing in use and become the cause of accidents. Therefore special caution should be given to its use.
(3) Use the appropriate operating tool
Avoid using a hammer or heavy direct tap on a bearing or sleeve, must use appropriate tools such as press or heating.
(4) Be careful to the rust corrosion of the bearings
The sweat in the hands will cause rust in operating the bearings. Therefore your hands should be cleanly washed and dried before operation. You’d better wear gloves in doing the work. 
(5) Handler should familiar with bearing
(6) Establish bearing handling criteri
·Bearing storage
.Bearing and surrounding cleaning
.Dimension of mounting parts and inspection
.Machining quality
.Mounting handing
.After mounting inspection
·Disassembly handing
·Keep maintain
·Adding lubricant


Installation Instructions

 Bearing mounting
 Precautions for proper mounting of bearing
1) Bearing preparation
Bearing should not be unpacked until before mounting due to spray anti-corrosion oil and pack anti-corrosion paper. In addition, spray anti-corrosion oil on bearing have good lubricate function. For general purpose, just directly using bearing fill-in grease bearings, without cleaning. However, bearing for instrument or high speed rotating must be cleaned with clean filtered oil in order to remove the anti-corrosion oil. At that time, the bearings are easy to corrosion could not storage long term.
2) Inspection of shafts and housings
Cleaning shaft and housing, confirming no scratched or machine burrs, no CZPT and cutting piece in housing. Secondly comppare with drawing, the shaft and housing of dimension, form and machining quality should be inspected.
chart 1 Measure location for shaft diameter                                                                         chart 2  Measure location for housing bore diameter                       

As chart 1 and chart 2 showing, divided several locations to be measure on shaft and housing bore diameters, It should be careful inspected perpendicular between shaft, housing fillet dimension and shoulder.
Before mounting bearing, it should be sprayed mechanical oil on fitting surface after check out the shaft and housing.

Bearing storage
Before leaving the factory, the bearing is sprayed proper rust-inhibiting oil and packed rust-inhibiting paper. The quality of bearing is guaranteed, if the packing is not broken.
For long-term storage, if the humidity less than 65% and the temperature about 20, it should storage on shelf which is higher 30cm than ground.
In addition, storage occasion should avoid sunshine and contact with cold wall.

Pictures about packaging


Company Profile

Our Advantages

1. World-Class Bearing: We provide our customers with all types of indigenous bearing with world-class quality.
2. OEM or Non-Stand Bearings: Any requirement for Nonstandard bearings is Easily Fulfilled by us due to its vast knowledge and links in the industry.
3. Genuine products With Excellent Quality: The company has always proved the 100% quality products it provides with genuine intent.
4. After Sales Service and Technical Assistance: The company provides after-sales service and technical assistance as per the customer’s requirements and needs.
5. Quick Delivery: The company provides just-in-time delivery with its streamlined supply chain. 
1. Samples quantity: 1-10 PCS are available. 
2. Free samples: It depends on the Model No., material and quantity. Some of the bearings samples need client to
    pay samples charge and shipping cost. 
3. It’s better to start your order with Trade Assurance to get full protection for your samples order. 

The customized LOGO or drawing is acceptable for us. 

1. MOQ: 10 PCS standard bearings. 
2. MOQ: 1000 PCS customized your brand bearings. 

1. We can printing your brand (logo, artwork)on the shield or laser engraving your brand on the shield. 
2. We can custom your packaging according to your design
3. All copyright own by clients and we promised don’t disclose any info.


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Motor Parts: Motor Bearing
Water Pump Parts: Water Pump Bearing
Air Compressor Parts: Air Compressor Bearing
US$ 50/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)


Order Sample

black or white or as required


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Shipping Cost:

Estimated freight per unit.

about shipping cost and estimated delivery time.
Payment Method:


Initial Payment

Full Payment
Currency: US$
Return&refunds: You can apply for a refund up to 30 days after receipt of the products.

deep groove ball bearing

What are the challenges and solutions for managing radial loads and axial loads in deep groove ball bearings?

Managing both radial loads and axial loads in deep groove ball bearings can present certain challenges. However, there are solutions available to address these challenges effectively. Here’s a detailed explanation of the challenges and solutions for managing radial loads and axial loads in deep groove ball bearings:

  • Challenges:
  • Deep groove ball bearings are primarily designed to handle radial loads. When subjected to significant axial loads, they may experience increased stress and premature wear, potentially leading to bearing failure. The challenges in managing radial loads and axial loads include:

    • Increased contact pressure and localized stress on the raceways due to axial loads
    • Potential ball skidding or sliding under high axial loads, leading to uneven wear
    • Risk of ball and raceway deformation or brinelling under excessive axial loads
  • Solutions:
  • To effectively manage radial loads and axial loads in deep groove ball bearings, the following solutions can be implemented:

    • Proper Bearing Selection: Selecting deep groove ball bearings that are designed to handle both radial and axial loads is crucial. Bearings with higher axial load capacities, such as deep groove ball bearings with filling slots or angular contact ball bearings, may be suitable for applications with significant axial loads.
    • Optimized Internal Clearance: The internal clearance of the bearing can be adjusted to accommodate the expected radial and axial loads. This ensures optimal load distribution and minimizes the risk of excessive stress concentrations. Manufacturers provide guidelines on the appropriate internal clearance for different load conditions.
    • Bearing Preload: Preloading the bearings can help manage axial loads by applying a controlled amount of internal axial force. This ensures that the bearings maintain contact with the raceways and minimizes the risk of ball skidding or sliding. Preloading is commonly used in applications such as machine tools.
    • Use of Thrust Bearings: In applications with high axial loads, incorporating thrust bearings in conjunction with deep groove ball bearings can help manage the axial component effectively. Thrust bearings are designed specifically to handle axial loads and can be used in combination with deep groove ball bearings to support both radial and axial loads.
    • Design Considerations: Careful consideration of the application’s operating conditions, load magnitudes, and directions is essential. This includes analyzing the ratio of radial to axial loads, the presence of shock or impact loads, and any misalignment or angular loads that may affect bearing performance. By understanding the specific requirements, the bearing arrangement and selection can be optimized for improved load management.

In summary, managing radial loads and axial loads in deep groove ball bearings requires careful consideration and appropriate solutions. Proper bearing selection, optimized internal clearance, bearing preload, the use of thrust bearings, and design considerations tailored to the application’s requirements are key steps in effectively managing both radial and axial loads. By implementing these solutions, the performance and longevity of deep groove ball bearings can be maximized, ensuring reliable operation under varying load conditions.

deep groove ball bearing

What are the common applications and industries where deep groove ball bearings are widely used?

Deep groove ball bearings are versatile components that find extensive use in various applications and industries. Here’s a detailed explanation of the common applications and industries where deep groove ball bearings are widely used:

  • Automotive Industry:
  • Deep groove ball bearings are extensively used in the automotive industry for applications such as wheel hubs, transmissions, engines, electric motors, and steering systems. They provide reliable performance, low friction, and high-speed capabilities, making them suitable for a wide range of automotive components.

  • Industrial Machinery:
  • Deep groove ball bearings are widely employed in industrial machinery, including pumps, compressors, fans, conveyors, and machine tools. Their ability to accommodate radial and axial loads, high rotational speeds, and their durability make them ideal for various motion and power transmission applications.

  • Electrical Motors and Generators:
  • Deep groove ball bearings are commonly used in electric motors and generators. They facilitate smooth operation, reduce friction losses, and support high-speed rotation. These bearings are found in a wide range of motor-driven equipment, such as household appliances, HVAC systems, power tools, and electric vehicles.

  • Agricultural Machinery:
  • Deep groove ball bearings are utilized in agricultural machinery and equipment, including tractors, harvesters, irrigation systems, and farm implements. They provide reliable performance in demanding and harsh environments, helping to support the agricultural industry’s productivity and efficiency.

  • Construction and Mining Equipment:
  • Deep groove ball bearings are used in construction and mining equipment, such as excavators, loaders, bulldozers, and crushers. These bearings withstand heavy loads, shock, and vibration, contributing to the reliable operation of machinery in challenging construction and mining environments.

  • Material Handling Equipment:
  • Deep groove ball bearings play a vital role in material handling equipment, including forklifts, conveyors, cranes, and hoists. They enable smooth and efficient movement of goods, handling heavy loads, and operating in diverse conditions encountered in warehouses, distribution centers, and manufacturing facilities.

  • Medical and Dental Equipment:
  • Deep groove ball bearings are utilized in various medical and dental equipment, including surgical instruments, dental handpieces, imaging systems, and laboratory devices. They offer precision, smooth operation, and low noise, meeting the stringent requirements of the healthcare industry.

  • Home Appliances:
  • Deep groove ball bearings are found in a wide range of home appliances, such as washing machines, refrigerators, air conditioners, vacuum cleaners, and kitchen appliances. They provide reliable and quiet operation, contributing to the performance and durability of these everyday household products.

  • Sports and Fitness Equipment:
  • Deep groove ball bearings are used in sports and fitness equipment, including bicycles, skateboards, fitness machines, and gym equipment. They enable smooth and efficient rotation, reducing friction and enhancing the performance of sporting and fitness activities.

In summary, deep groove ball bearings are widely used in applications and industries such as automotive, industrial machinery, electrical motors and generators, agricultural machinery, construction and mining equipment, material handling equipment, medical and dental equipment, home appliances, and sports and fitness equipment. Their versatility, reliability, and ability to withstand various operating conditions make them indispensable components in numerous sectors.

deep groove ball bearing

How do temperature variations and environmental conditions impact the performance of deep groove ball bearings?

Temperature variations and environmental conditions can have a significant impact on the performance of deep groove ball bearings. These factors can affect the bearing’s lubrication, material properties, dimensional stability, and overall operating characteristics. Here’s a detailed explanation of how temperature variations and environmental conditions impact the performance of deep groove ball bearings:

  • Lubrication:
  • Temperature variations can influence the viscosity and lubricating properties of the bearing grease or oil. High temperatures can cause lubricants to thin out, reducing their ability to form a protective film between the rolling elements and raceways. This can lead to increased friction, wear, and heat generation, potentially resulting in premature bearing failure. Conversely, extremely low temperatures can cause lubricants to thicken, impeding their flow and impairing the bearing’s ability to maintain proper lubrication. It is crucial to select lubricants suitable for the expected temperature range to ensure optimal lubrication and minimize the negative effects of temperature variations on bearing performance.

  • Material Properties:
  • Temperature variations can affect the material properties of the bearing components. High temperatures can cause thermal expansion, leading to dimensional changes in the bearing’s inner and outer rings, as well as the rolling elements. This can result in increased radial internal clearance and potential misalignment, affecting the bearing’s running accuracy and performance. Additionally, high temperatures can accelerate the aging or degradation of bearing materials, reducing their strength and fatigue resistance. Extreme cold temperatures, on the other hand, can make materials more brittle, increasing the risk of fracture or damage under load. It is important to consider the expected temperature range and select bearing materials that can withstand the anticipated thermal conditions to ensure reliable and long-lasting performance.

  • Dimensional Stability:
  • Temperature variations can impact the dimensional stability of deep groove ball bearings. As temperatures change, the bearing components can expand or contract, affecting the internal clearance and fit of the bearing. This can lead to changes in running accuracy, noise levels, and the ability to maintain proper alignment within the application. In applications where precise positioning or running accuracy is critical, temperature variations must be taken into account to ensure the bearing maintains the required dimensional stability and performance under varying thermal conditions.

  • Operating Characteristics:
  • Temperature variations can affect the overall operating characteristics of deep groove ball bearings. High temperatures can increase the operating noise and vibration levels of the bearing, potentially impacting the comfort and performance of the machinery or equipment in which the bearing is installed. Temperature-induced expansion or contraction can also affect the bearing’s ability to handle axial or radial loads, potentially altering the load distribution and causing uneven wear or excessive loading on certain areas of the bearing. Understanding the operating characteristics of the bearing in relation to temperature variations is crucial for selecting the appropriate bearing type and size for the specific application.

  • Environmental Effects:
  • Environmental conditions, such as dust, moisture, chemicals, or corrosive substances, can also impact the performance of deep groove ball bearings. Dust and dirt particles can infiltrate the bearing, leading to increased friction, wear, and potential damage to the rolling elements and raceways. Moisture or corrosive substances can cause rust or corrosion, compromising the bearing’s structural integrity and lubrication properties. It is important to consider the environmental conditions in which the bearing will operate and select appropriate sealing solutions or protective coatings to mitigate the effects of contaminants or corrosive elements.

In summary, temperature variations and environmental conditions can significantly impact the performance of deep groove ball bearings. By understanding the effects of temperature on lubrication, material properties, dimensional stability, and operating characteristics, appropriate measures can be taken to ensure optimal bearing performance and longevity. Considering the expected temperature range, selecting suitable materials, providing proper lubrication, addressing dimensional changes, and protecting against environmental factors are all important considerations when using deep groove ball bearings in different operating conditions.

China Hot selling 6815 2RS Thin Wall Shielded 75*95*10 mm ABEC3 Deep Groove Ball Bearing   double row ball bearingChina Hot selling 6815 2RS Thin Wall Shielded 75*95*10 mm ABEC3 Deep Groove Ball Bearing   double row ball bearing
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